Projects Out for Bid

Below are projects that are currently out for bid. If you have any specific questions about any project, please call (607) 734-4151 and ask to speak to the Estimator that is handling the project that you are interested in. If you have any problems downloading the project documents, contact Rob Stanton at (607) 734-4151 extension 6354.

Feel free to contact us to learn about other bidding opportunities that may not be listed below.

Erwin Aerobic Digester Rehabilitation & Aeration Improvements
Description: 1. The Work shall include aeration/diffuser improvements and interior painting. This work shall include coordination with the Town to remove portions of the digester from service to allow for work to be completed, contractor to remove of the existing aeration equipment/piping as shown on the engineering drawings (manifold pipe, 4 inch laterals and all drop piping and diffusers), clean the digester, complete weld repairs, apply fillers and scalers as necessary, complete rust removal of steel surface for preparation for painting/coating, coating of interior sidewall and interior baffle (baffle between Tank 1 and Tank 2) surfaces of digester (interior sidewall is 10 ft. tall with a total length of 290 feet and the interior baffle is two sided with a length of 45.5 feet and a height of 10 feet), installation of aeration piping, valving, diffusers and associated supports. The diffusers that shall be used include the Tideflex Red Valve diffuser and associated system. 2. Complete removal of any remnant of tank interior coating in accordance with all rules and regulations. Coating shall be removed in accordance with the surface preparation requirements of the specified manufacturer's prime coat. Contractor shall be responsible for any and all costs/fees associated with proper disposal of waste generated from this project including any state/federal or other regulatory fees that the Town may incur.
Bid Due: July 2nd, 2020 at 2:00PM
Project Drawings: Download
Project Specifications: Download
Addenda: Addendum 1
Project Estimator: Don Rottmann x6361

S. T. Olin Chemistry Research Wing Chem Lab 573-580 Renovation
Description: This project will renovate space for research work that involves science at the interface of organic, inorganic and materials chemistry. A 2003 project renovated the west half of the fifth floor for this research. The goal of this project is to renovate approximately 1,520 square feet of the east half, replicating the configuration of the office, support, and laboratory space located at the northwest corner of the building. Furthermore, the floor will be divided into (2) Control areas and the floor will be fully sprinklered.
Bid Due: July 8th, 2020 at 3:00PM
Project Drawings: Download
Project Specifications: Download
Addenda: Addendum 1 | Addendum 2
Project Estimator: Josh Mosolf x6360

Family Life Ministries Headquarters
Description: This single-prime project consists of the partial demolition of an existing 'big box' Harley Davidson building as depicted on the construction documents and addition of approximately 78,000 SF of new construction to house a 2,000 seat performance venue to include a stage house, green room, scene shop, costume shop, basement storage with a fright elevator and a second story arts department administrative offices. Contract Scope: Construction, demolition, renovation and hazardous material removal.
Bid Due: July 22nd, 2020 at 4:00PM
Project Drawings (Volume 1): Download
Project Drawings (Volume 2): Download
Project Drawings (Volume 3): Download
Project Drawings (Volume 4): Download
Project Specifications: Download
Addenda: Addendum 1 | Addendum 2 Part 1 | Addendum 2 Part 2 | Addendum 2 Part 3 | Addendum 2 Part 4 | Addendum 3 Addendum 3A
Project Estimator: Jay Cocca x6363