Streeter Associates Market Sectors

Where We Work

Streeter Associates understands how a building's function impacts the construction process. Our experience in the following markets provides insight that shapes budgeting, planning, and scheduling. We draw on past experiences to determine the best way to launch a project with attention to every detail.


Since our beginning, Healthcare construction has been a vital part of Streeter Associates work program. We are knowledgeable in all areas of Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Medical Office buildings, and more, developing an expertise in working around the schedule of a 24/7 facility, working in and around the clean environments, meeting DOH standards, and managing Infectious Controls procedures.


Working around the school calendar to complete challenging projects in time for the next semester, or adjusting the work hours to accommodate the daily schedule of students and faculty is crucial for this market sector. Weve built or renovated dorms, classrooms, laboratories, athletic facilities, administration buildings, student centers, central heating plants, buildings & grounds facilities and more.


We understand and excel at scheduling around the school calendar to complete projects in time for the next session, often working around breaks and holidays. Our long history of performing work for many of the region's school districts keeps us budget-focused. Our drug free, safety trained, background-checked workers acquire an expert knowledge of education specific building materials along the way.


We have built facilities to the highest standards of organizations such as the NCAA under the timeframe of getting ready for an upcoming season. We've built gymnasiums, natatoriums, and ice rinks; we've built outdoor sports fields, country clubs, movie theaters and performing arts centers while acquiring the expertise needed to install specialized materials and high-end equipment.


We understand the importance of being "first to market" and have developed an expertise in planning and executing aggressive schedules to bring their production on- line as swiftly as possible, often working around the clock during shut downs of existing facilities. Additionally, we employ highly skilled millwrights who perform intricate equipment installations, relocations and rebuilds.


We have built or worked in facilities that process gas, oil, heat, steam, electricity, water and waste water at multiple points along the distribution chain, from facilitating gas and water source wells to constructing heat plants and bio-mass facilities for end users. Additionally, we employ highly skilled millwrights who perform intricate equipment installations, relocations and rebuilds.


Whether it's building the class A offices for a Fortune 500 company or renovating office space within a tight timeframe, our commitment to build at the highest level of quality makes us an ideal partner. Our highly-skilled workforce is adept at providing quality building elements such as stone work, woodwork, and high end ceilings and floors to make your space as special and unique.


We've built, renovated, fit out and added on to malls, strip plazas, outparcels and more. No project is too large, like the Arnot Mall in Horseheads, NY; or too small, like fitting out the smallest of storefronts in a strip plaza. We strive to get these projects done as quickly as possible to get our customer back in business in a space that will atttract shoppers.


We've proven to be very competitive building court houses, jails, prisons, libraries, post offices, public transportation facilities and more. We know these facilities, including the building materials, means and methods that go into them, as well as how to plan for challenges such as extreme levels of security, whether it's for inmates, employees, or the general public.


We have built museums from the ground up, and have worked in and around operating museums, helping our customers change and update their facilities to keep exhibits current while going unnoticed by patrons. Whether it's offering construction, schedule or cost advice to a committee of volunteers, or helping to move displays, we make ourselves completely available to our customers.


Weve built, renovated and added on to many religious facilities over the years for all kinds of denominations. We understand the nuances and embrace the opportunity to work with committees of passionate volunteers, helping them to realize their visions while very often staying within tight budget and time constraints, all for the common goal of the higher purpose.


We’ve built many financial institutions over the years, acquiring an expertise to assist our customers with planning all the challenging aspects of a project that involves security, drive- throughs, vaults, ATM’s, and technology. Most importantly, we pride ourselves in keeping existing facilities secure, in operation, and looking “ship shape” during phased renovations and upgrades.