Streeter Associates SafetyStreeter Associates' commitment to safety starts at the top. All upper management, Project Managers, Project Estimators and Superintendents attend regular company-wide safety meetings. We have a comprehensive on-going safety and health program that is designed to provide an accident-free and illness-free work environment by conducting safety and health training, hazard communication training, weekly on-site "Tool Box" safety meetings and OSHA Construction Safety Programs.

As Construction Manager, Streeter Associates, Inc. conducts a "Pre-Job Safety and Hazard Communication Contractor Review" as well as joint "Safety Audits" with all site contractors. This enables us to demonstrate our commitment to safety, review the contractors' commitment to safety, and build a cooperative relationship.

All Streeter Associates employees are subject to a mandatory drug-testing policy to ensure that our personnel are making clear and prudent decisions at all times. In a number of cases, we may require our sub-contracting partners to conduct similar testing with their teams as a part of the pre-construction process.

Lovell Safety Management

Streeter Associates utilizes the services of Lovell Safety Management, having been a member of Safety Group 469 since 1956. As a result, Streeter Associates has access to Lovell's safety service through direct contact with their staff and professionals. Streeter Associates has a comprehensive and on-going safety and health program committed to providing an accident-free work environment for all employees. We conduct Safety and Health Training, Weekly Tool Box Talks, and OSHA 30 Hour Construction and Health Training Programs on an annual basis. Our Project Managers and Superintendents are well versed in OSHA's Standards for Construction 29 CFR1926. Every Streeter Associates employee is subject to random substance abuse testing to ensure that workers are alert and prudent with their actions. Every project starts with a pre-job safety review and regular safety audits. Our excellent safety record has garnered the attention of many of our customers who wisely choose to make that a part of their contractor pre-qualification process.

Bob Gehl, Corporate Safety Director

Bob GehlBob started his construction career in 1999 as a member of the Carpenter's Union and completed a four year apprenticeship and continued to work as a carpenter on numerous projects. In 2008, Bob joined LeChase Construction as a Project Engineer and worked as a Regional Safety Representative and Quality Champion in the Southern Tier of New York. In addition to his primary responsibility of overseeing safety in his assigned region, Bob also assisted with project estimating and management when needed. Bob joined Streeter Associates in October of 2010 as Corporate Safety Director to continue the company's established safety program.

Bob's responsibilities as Corporate Safety Director include:

  • Review subcontractor safety qualifications and safety programs prior to subcontractor bidding during the pre-qualification process.
  • Prepare project specific safety plan.
  • Reviewing subcontractor's project specific safety plans prior to allowing subs to work on the site.
  • Participate in and conduct job site safety meetings.
  • Participate in and conduct job site safety inspections.
  • When applicable, research and review potentially complicated installation procedures that have safety concerns.
  • Review all incident, accident, near miss and inspection reports.
  • Correspond with Lovell Safety Group for regular inspections.
  • Provide written correspondence to subcontractors when necessary.

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