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The Company Begins
The Streeter family traces its’ construction roots to the early part of the century with Streeter Construction Services, owned by Arthur Streeter.  Arthur’s son Henry operated his own company from the great depression through the end of the 40’s before joining forces with his brother Charles and officially incorporating Streeter Associates on June 13th, 1949.  Classy and well-mannered, Henry Streeter, Sr. set the tone for what would become one of the most well-respected family businesses in the region.

Seeds Planted
During the 1950s, the company planned for the succession of Henry by bringing in a partner, James A. “Big Jim” Norris.   Led by the financial acumen of Charles M. Streeter, Sr. and the construction expertise of “Big Jim” Norris, Streeter developed a business model based on providing the highest quality of construction services with the goal of creating satisfied customers and repeat business.  It was at that time that they planted the seeds for future long term relationships with Arnot Ogden Medical Center, Hardinge Inc., Westinghouse, Elmira College and Cornell University.


Sons Join the Team
In the 1960s, a second generation Streeter and Norris joined the firm. James A. Norris, Jr. and Charles M. Streeter, Jr. participated heavily in the growth of regional schools with buildings for Elmira City School District, Ithaca City School District, and the Horseheads School District.

Building Relationships
The company continued to develop an excellence in educational construction, continuing relationships with Elmira College and Cornell University while also developing new relationships with Ithaca College and Corning Community College. The company also continued developing an expertise with manufacturing construction working for existing customers like Hardinge Inc. while establishing new relationships with companies such as Corning Glass.


In 1973, James A. Norris, Jr. was promoted to President with the passing of Charles M. Streeter Sr.. While the company continued to provide excellent General Contracting Services, specializing in the Health Care, Educational and Manufacturing markets for existing customers such as Arnot Ogden Medical Center, Elmira College and Corning Glass; Jim used his analytical mind to help make the 1970's a decade of Innovations.

Construction Management
Streeter became the first contractor in the area to act as a construction manager. The first such project was the Elmira Psychiatric Center; another project of note was the new Elmira Southside High School.

Real Estate
The Company also ventured into real estate, purchasing the Mark Twain Hotel and renovating it into apartments & retail/office space and developing Eastgate residential housing .

Design Build
Always looking to provide its customers with options, Streeter began offering "Turn Key" design build services while establishing itself as one of the area's first Pre-Engineered Building Contractors.


After the expansion of services during the 1970's, Streeter continued steady growth in the 1980's, expanding its' customer base, work force and offices to stay ahead of the growing demands of the industry. Charles M. Streeter, Jr. became President in 1987 and with his doctrine of "management with integrity," the company continued to expand its' services, customer base and geographic reach. Industry, Arts, Healthcare During the 1980s Streeter continued serving the needs of the region, proudly participated in the expansions of the Bath VA Hospital, Toshiba Display Devices, Hardinge Inc., Corning Incorporated, Taylor Packing Company, Arnot Mall, Rockwell Museum and Arnot Art Museum. Additionally, Streeter developed an expertise at constructing Skilled Nursing Facilities for customers such as the Ithaca Reconstruction Home, Schuyler Memorial Hospital and Ira Davenport Hospital.


A Tradition Continues
Since its' inception in 1949, Streeter Associates always managed growth and change extremely well while keeping true to its mission to provide the best possible construction services resulting in satisfied customers, long term relationships and repeat business. The 1990s were no exception as Charlie Streeter managed growth and changes to the company by promoting John Carpenter to Executive Vice President and Roland Grap to Vice President. Additionally, Charlie's son Jeff joined the company to carry the "Streeter Values" into the new millennium. Streeter continued their relationship with valued customers such as the Arnot Ogden Medical Center, Elmira College, Cornell University and Corning Incorporated while forging new relationships with Oswego Health to build several health care facilities and Adelphia Cable and Orthstar Enterprises to build new corporate headquarters.


Steady Growth
In 2002, Jeff Streeter was promoted to President and continued to nurture Streeter Associates' longstanding relationships with major expansions for the Arnot Ogden Medical Center and Elmira College, as well as multiple projects for Adelphia Cable, Cornell University and Corning Incorporated. Jeff progressed in building a team of key people based on his vision for the company's future, starting with the promotion of Scott Proudfoot in 2002 to Corporate Treasurer and Secretary. Then In 2004, Jeff promoted Rob Lewis to VP, Project Management and Don Rottmann to VP, Estimating. Rob and Don joined Scott Proudfoot and Roland Grap to create a dynamic management team. With a seasoned and energized team, Streeter Associates refined its objective to pursue quality projects with quality clients.

Noteworthy Projects
While Streeter Associates continued to work on several noteworthy projects for continuing clients such as the Arnot Ogden Medical Center Schweizer Pavilion, Elmira College Meier Hall and Corning Incorporated Diesel Plant, they also constructed other noteworthy projects in the area such as the Elmira Country Club and the Clemens Center Performing Arts Expansion.

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