Construction Management

Construction Managment Services: A Blended Approach

Streeter Associates became one of the area’s earliest Construction Managers in the 1970’s, managing the construction of the new Psychiatric Center in Elmira, NY.  As the industry evolved, we continued to focus on our existing customer base, providing a blend of Construction Management and General Contracting services to our existing customers as well as carefully selected new customers.  While providing this blend of services, we have realized that one of our strongest assets is the versatility of our people, who can provide both Construction Management and general contracting services.  Most of our Construction Management projects have been performed under some form of “at risk” contract.  Most of our staff have worked on both Construction Management projects and General Contracting projects.  We feel the performance of each individual is greatly improved by being able to work under both types of delivery systems.  Our employees have learned to be accountable by working on “at risk” and General Contracting projects, which benefits our customers greatly when we perform Construction Management services.

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